Boulder Park Amusements

Over 70 years of Family Fun!

Carnival Games

For all your traditional side show games- Laughing Clowns, Shooting Galleries, Tin Can Ally, Basket Ball, High Striker, Hoop La's and much more.  

           The Laughing Clowns

The Laughing Clown, the side show favorite where everyone wins a prize. 

Size 4 x 8 metres 

 The Shooting Gallery

Are you a sharp shooter as you try and shoot out all off the red star with the famous Tommy gun.

Size 2.4 x 7 metres    



Shoot the Hoops Basketball Game

Are you the next Kobe Bryant? Come test your basket ball skills and shoot some hoops with the Basket Ball game.  

Size 3.8 wide x 5 x 3 high

 Tin Can Ally

How good is your throwing arm as you attempt to knock down all the blocks in the Tin Can Ally inflatable game.

Size 3 wide x 4 long



Again, another classic as you try to throw the rings over the block. 

Size 2.4 x 2.4

High Striker   "Ring the Bell to Win"

High Striker

Test your strength to ring the bell.

Have you had your oats this morning? Muster all your strength as you try and impress your friends and ring the bell to win

Size 4 x 4 x 5 meters high. Requires set up on grass.

Sharp Shooters Gunnery

Sharp Shooters Gunnery

Try your luck on the moving Ducks Shooting Gallery

NZ's only 15 shot moving Ducks Shooting Gallery.

Size 7.5 depth x 4.5m length  



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