Boulder Park Amusements

Over 70 years of Family Fun!

Carnival Rides 

Merry Go Rounds, Ferris Wheels, Cup and Saucer Rides, Rocking Tug Boat, Jumping Castles, Mini Airport Ride, Obstacle Courses, Go Karts, Bouncy Castles and many more. Check out below for our full range of attractions.

Electric Go Karts


Great for ages 4-10 years, kids enjoy the thrill of driving while remaining safe. Best to be used on a hard surface. Great for indoor use. Comes with an inflatable 10 x 14m track with 4 or 6 cars for competitive fun.

Mini Airport Ride

Ready to take the controls and sit in the captains seat? Go up, up and away in the Mini Airport ride. Great for ages 3-12.

Size 8 m diameter 

Mini Rocking Tug Boat

Can you handle traveling the seven seas? Jump on board the Rocking Tug Boat and navigate the rocky waves. Adults can join as well.
Requires 3 phase power. 8 x 6 meter Size 

Tea Cups

Similar to the Disney classic, spin around in the cup and saucier ride, however, try not to get to dizzy. Each cup can be individually controlled by the participant. Great for small kids and accompanying adults.        

Size 8 m Diameter Requires 3 phase power

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

 A carnival would not be complete with out a Ferris Wheel. Hop on board to go up and down, round and round. Great for ages 3-12 years

4 x 4m

Small Merry Go Round 

A great little Merry go Round for the smaller children. Perfect for pre-school galas and events that require entertainment for the wee ones.        

Size 5 x 7 m

  Horse a Plane Merry Go Round 

Good old fashion fun. The Horse o Plane Ride provides the elements of a merry go round with a we bit of thrill as you ride around. Great for ages 3-12. Ride one of the classics today.

Size 8 m diameter 

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* Attractions are subject to availability.   
Some Attractions have height restrictions set by  Work Safe NZ. 
Sizing and power requirements available upon request.