Laughing Clowns,Shooting Gallery's, Tin Can Ally,Basket Ball,

High Striker, Hoop La's  

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Laughing Clowns  " Everyone is a Winner"

Shooting Gallery

Test your skills on the 100 Shot Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery


Tin Can Alley and Shoot the Hoops Basket Ball Game

                      Size 3.8wx5x3m high                   3w x 3.7m

Sharp Shooters Gunnery

Try your luck on the moving Ducks Shooting Gallery

Sharp Shooters Gunnery

NZ's only 15 shot moving Ducks Shooting Gallery.

                                         Size 7.5 depth x 4.5m length  


High Striker

Test your strength to ring the bell.

High Striker  

           Ring the Bell to Win. 

                          Size   4 x 4 x 5 meters high. 

* This attractions requires a grassed area to operate.