Carnival Rides and Inflatable Attractions 

Merry Go Rounds,Ferris Wheels, Cup and Saucer Rides,Rocking Tug Boat,Jumping Castles, Mini Airport Ride,Obstacle Courses,Bouncy Castles and many more.



 10 x 12 m Inflatable Maze.

  Can you find your way out. Great for Adults and Children alike.

The Rat race Obstacle Course

Can you out run him?

 The Rat Race Obstacle Course           Size 12 x 20 m


Tarzan's Jungle Trek. Jumping Castle

Tarzan's Jungle trek           Size 8 x 8 m


Mini Airport ride

*Requires 16 amp single phase.Height restrictions apply.

Mini Airport Ride                                   Size 8 m dia

Jurssica Adventures

Jurassic Park Multi Play                          Size 4 x 8 m

Mini Rocking Tug boat

*Requires 3 phase power.Height restrictions apply.

Mini Rocking Tug Boat                           Size 8 x 6 m 

Cup and Saucer Ride

*Requires 3 phase power.Height restrictions apply.

Cup and Saucer Ride                               Size 8 m dia

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel                                              Size 4 x 4 m

Giant Slide                                             Size 10 x 12 m

Roller Ball

Roller Ball                                             Size 5 x 20 m


Sml Merry Go Round

Sml Merry Go Round                             Size 5 x 7 m

Cars Multi Play Jumping castle

Cars Multi Play Jumping Castle                   Size 5 x 5

     Horse a Plane, Merry Go Round           Size 8 m dia  

* Attractions are  subject to availability.   

Some Attractions have height restrictions set by  Work Safe NZ. 

Sizing Available upon request.