Carnival Rides and Inflatable Attractions 

Merry Go Rounds,Ferris Wheels, Cup and Saucer Rides,Rocking Tug Boat,Jumping Castles, Mini Airport Ride,Obstacle Courses,Go Karts,Bouncy Castles and many more.




 10 x 14 m Inflatable Track.   4 or 6 cars for your event.

For ages 5 -10 years. Can be used indoors


  Can you find your way out. Great for Adults and Children alike.

 10 x 12 m Inflatable Maze.

The Rat race Obstacle Course

Can you out run him?

 The Rat Race Obstacle Course           Size 12 x 20 m


Tarzan's Jungle Trek. Jumping Castle

Tarzan's Jungle trek           Size 8 x 8 m


Mini Airport ride

*Requires 16 amp single phase.Height restrictions apply.

Mini Airport Ride                                   Size 8 m dia

Jurssica Adventures

Jurassic Park Multi Play                          Size 4 x 8 m

Mini Rocking Tug boat

*Requires 3 phase power.Height restrictions apply.

Mini Rocking Tug Boat                           Size 8 x 6 m 

Cup and Saucer Ride

*Requires 3 phase power.Height restrictions apply.

Cup and Saucer Ride                               Size 8 m dia

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel                                              Size 4 x 4 m

Giant Slide                                             Size 10 x 12 m

Roller Ball

Roller Ball                                             Size 5 x 20 m


Sml Merry Go Round

Sml Merry Go Round                             Size 5 x 7 m

Cars Multi Play Jumping castle

Cars Multi Play Jumping Castle                   Size 5 x 5

     Horse a Plane, Merry Go Round           Size 8 m dia  

* Attractions are  subject to availability.   

Some Attractions have height restrictions set by  Work Safe NZ. 

Sizing Available upon request.