Boulder Park Amusements

Over 70 years of Family Fun!


 Who do you provide Attractions for ?

 We provide Attractions for School Galas, Promotions, Corporate Functions, Event  Theming, A & P Shows, Fetes, Field Days, Shopping Malls, Carnivals, Company  Christmas Parties, Festivals, TV Shoots the list goes on.


 What size event can you do?

 We can  supply equipment for any event from a few hundred to several thousand  people.


 How do you work?

 Depending on the type and size of the event you are organizing you can either hire the  Attractions for a fixed price and keep the proceeds or we can work on a profit share arrangement where we give you a  percentage at the end of the day.


 Who are the Rides and Games suitable for?

 The Rides and Inflatables are mainly designed for the under 12 year age group.Some  Attractions do have height restrictions. While the games such as the Laughing  Clowns, Skittles, High Striker and Knock Em are great for any age. The Shooting  Galleries are best for the big time shooting adults.   


 What about Candy Floss, Popcorn and other food lines?

 We can supply Candy Floss Popcorn and other carnival foods in specially built  Canteens, which we operate at your venue. We normally agree on a Profit Share  payment with these Attractions. 


 If we were to book Boulder Park Amusements, what do we have to supply?

 We do require power, with most rides working on a normal 10-amp supply.Some do work on 3 phase power.  Generators  are available at an extra charge. We also need flat level access to the venue and a level area to operate on.
And don't forget lots of people.


 If we wanted to book what do we have to do?

 Book early don't leave it to the last minute or you could be disappointed. When  phoning to make a booking  with Boulder Park Amusements we need to know  the venue, date and times for your event and the attractions you require. We also  need to be informed of the set up times and access points to the site. Power  availability is something to consider when allocating our position to reduce the  incidence of free cord surrounding the site. A contact person both prior to and on  the day is essential for communicating both your and our needs to  make your day a  success. Remember  the next committee meeting could be up to 2 weeks after you  have made your  inquiries and when you want to confirm you may not be able to  book the  attractions that you initially requested. We  recommend that on your  first meeting appoint a subcommittee to start  gathering information regarding rides,  and hireage of equipment including trestle  tables and marquees as they could be  booked out if there is another event on  the same day. With this   information you  will be able to submit requests and make necessary decisions early.Depending on  your venue,You may require permits from the local council. 


 If we are hiring what about payment?

 All bookings to be paid in full at least 2 days before the event with a deposit to be  paid to hold your booking. (50%) All deposits are non-refundable. 


 If  we are hiring what about wet weather?

 In the event of wet weather you do need to get in touch with us before we leave which is approximately 2½ hours before the event starts or earlier depending on the distance we have to travel and the amount of attractions that are booked. If we have already  departed and you decide to cancel or postpone, payment is required in full. We  recommend therefore with inclement weather that you keep us informed of your  decisions. If you decide to change the date of the event due to wet weather, we  will attempt to accommodate you with the Attractions of your choice.Please be  mindful that in peak season this is not  always  possible as equipment may be  booked for an event the following weekend  For safety  reasons we may cancel  some attractions without notice due to Weather Conditions or other unforeseen  circumstances. 
                                                           Our contact numbers are 09 2948705 or 021985079


 What about prices? 

 Please call or E mail us on our contact  page so we can discuss your requirements  and tailor a plan suitable for your event.